Do you need the Qantas member card to access Malaysia Airlines International Lounge?

Hi all,
Travelling next week and I found out that my physical QFF card has expired. Rang Qantas and there was an error on their system and the card wasn’t sent. They are going to try and fix/send express (waiving the usual $30 express fee), however it may not make it to me before I travel. The only lounge that I am worried about is the Malaysia Airlines International lounge in KL - it has been ~5 years since I have been. Does anyone know if physical card is required, or will they accept a digital card/issue entry voucher at checkin?

Will you have your Qantas Platinum membership number on the booking? If so, there is no need for concern as your Oneworld Emerald entitlements will be printed and allow entry. I visited this lounge back in May and entered with the boarding pass only without issue.

If not, you should (in theory) still be able to get in by showing the digital QFF card on the screen where the kangaroo refreshes. I haven’t tested it though,

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Thanks for the fastresponse. I booked the MH flights through Qantas, obviously with my FF account on the booking. So I would guess and say it should be included on the boarding pass. I have had some airlines before be very picky about physical cards and was refused entry once, albeit this was well before covid. Maybe it won’t be so bad on MH.

How did you find the lounge in May? When I visited last, it was pretty good, but I see they let anyone buy entry now so maybe it’s a bit more crowded.

Many thanks for the help.