Do you get status benefits for all flights on itinerary if starting itinerary as Qantas Gold member?

I used to fly quite a bit before Covid and Qantas has extended my Gold status until Nov 30 2022 - which is my anniversary date.

​I am doing a Round the World flight using Qantas Frequent Flyers starting 8 Dec 2022. Do you know if:

  1. If you start to fly before your end date eg. I move my flight from 8 Dec to 29th Nov, would this mean that if all my flights are ticketed under the one booking code, would I be able to have lounge access,etc during my flight if I were to fly before my Gold status goes back to Silver?

  2. Is there anyway to get Qantas to move the anniversary date by a few weeks or somehow extend my gold status at all for a couple of weeks? I have been gold for 4 years and now when I plan to go on a world trip with the family it will expire 8 days before departure.


  1. Status benefits are measured on the date of travel. So if your status expires on the 30th of November, you would have access to the lounge for all flights before or on that date, but all flights afterwards would get the red light of computer says no. Even if they are on the same booking, they only ‘check’ your eligibility to enter the lounge when you actually scan the boarding pass at the lounge door, and when they do after your status is expired, it will get the red beep.

  2. Exceptions do happen, it doesn’t hurt to ask, but you will not have much luck if you encounter one of their offshore centres in Philipines and the like as they are pretty unempowered to do anything more than basic bookings.

Hi there. Thanks for your thoughts. It’s a bummer to have gold so long and lose it just before a big trip…

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