Do you get status benefit when booking rental car with OTA?

I’m considering booking with an OTA for my rental car. They say the provider and the company is Hertz and I do have hertZ status. Will I be able to get the status benefits when booking with an OTA or do I get it only when I book direct? In other words, can I use the status like frequent flyer status where any booking counts or is it like hotel status where only booking direct counts?

hi there @djtech
I used to work for a car rental wholesaler, we always said to customers that they couldn’t put their frequent flyer or rental company member number with their booking. But in my experience when I booked with them, I could call the rental company after (eg. Hertz) and they could add it.
bit of a risk, but might be worth the cheaper cost?

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Thanks @the_points_pro . It is much cheaper so I think I’ll go with them.