Do you get more Velocity points if transferring to Krisflyer first?

Hi all,

I have noticed that Amex Membership Rewards program and the Amplify Rewards program both have 2:1 points transfers to both KrisFlyer and Velocity. Is there anything preventing me from transferring directly to KF and then transferring from KF to Velocity to bank extra points?

You will not bank extra points. The transfer rate to/from Krisflyer and Velocity is 1.55:1 in both directions. You lose points every time you transfer to or from one or the other.

Take the following example: I have 100,000 MR points. I could transfer these directly to Velocity and get 50,000 points OR I could transfer them to KrisFlyer, receive 50,000 KF Miles, then transfer those 50,000 KF Miles to Velocity at 1.55:1 to receive 77,500 miles.

If Velocity is my currency of choice, I am simply asking if there is anything to prevent me transferring my points over this way and receiving a better transfer rate.

If you transfer 50,000 KrisFlyer miles to Velocity you will end up with 32,250 Velocity points.

As other have mentioned, you lose pts or miles whenever you transfer between Krisflyer and Velocity. Unlike foreign exchange where one currency is worth more than another.