Do you get more Krisflyer miles if transferring Amex and ANZ reward points during the Velocity transfer bonus period to Velocity program first?

Hi Point Hackers
Calculation page is down for update! I’m struggling to get my head around the maths.
Need urgent brains trust to help with calculating whether the current the Virgin point transfer bonus (last day tomorrow 31 May) is beneficial in this instance.
Specifically targeting transferring Virgin points for Kris Flyer redemptions.
Points will be originating from AMEX and ANZ: 50% bonus.
Would I gain more points via a direct transfer to Kris Flyer from the above credit cards or via the current 50% Virgin promotion?
Fingers crossed someone answers in time! Many thanks in advance for your expertise and help.
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Not knowing your exact cards, I am going to assume your cards transfer 1:1 to both Velocity and Krisflyer.

Assuming you have 100k Amex or ANZ pts, you can transfer to Velocity and get 150k Velocity pts (assuming 50% bonus). If you were to transfer 150k Velocity pts to Krisflyer, (1.55:1), you will get 96774 KF miles.
Instead you could have transferred 100k Amex or ANZ pts directly to KF to get 100k KF miles.

So it would be less going the indirect route. However, you may prefer the ‘non-expiring’ feature of Velocity and are willing to forgo 3.2% of your pts for this flexibility to transfer to KF only when required.

I do roughly recall ANZ transfer rates to VFF and KF is different. Assuming my memory of the rates is correct 2:1 for VFF and 3:1 for KF, the following would be the calculation.
100k ANZ pts could transfer to 75k VFF pts (incl. 50% bonus) or 33333 KF miles. 75k VFF pts (1.55:1) transfers to 48387 KF miles. In this case, it is worthwhile to go the indirect transfer route to bag more KF miles. And you can decide to transfer to KF only when you need it, avoiding the 3 year expiry.


Brilliant w.hiew! Thank you so much!
You are correct, your memory is excellent. The transfer rate is 2:1 VFF and 3:1 to KF.
I was just unsure of the math calculation (logic) given the 50% bonus is technically 25% after conversion from ANZ or AMEX credit card to VFF (one half) and then 50% of that total is added back.
I got stuck in my thinking when attempting to convert the new balance to KF, because it appeared to work out slightly higher than a direct transfer from the credit card to KF, but was unsure if I was on track.
Therefore in this instance the bonus rate for transferring via VFF to KF is better than normal.
Thank you, much appreciated!

All good. That’s why I like to use examples with points to compare. :slightly_smiling_face: Easier on the brain cells.

I have Amex Explorer and ANZ Travel adventurer and I had faced similar dilemma.

Let’s assume 100k points.

For Explorer:
To Velocity (2:1 original conversion)
25% Bonus (if I remember correctly) to Velocity = 100k x 0.5 = 50,000 x 1.25 = 62,500 Velocity = 62,500 / 1.55 = 40,322 KF miles
To KrisFlyer (2:1 original conversion)
100k x 0.5 = 50,000 KF miles

For ANZ Rewards:
To Velocity (2:1 original conversion)
50% Bonus to Velocity = 100k x 0.5 = 50,000 x 1.5 = 75,000 Velocity = 75,000 / 1.55 = 48,387 KF miles
To KrisFlyer (3:1 original conversion)
100k x 0.333 = 33,333 KF miles


  • Not worth using the Velocity Amex promotion
  • Worth using the Velocity ANZ promotion

Hope this is accurate and helpful!