Do you get access to the First Class lounge if fly Cathay Pacific first then business class on a one stop itinerary?

lucky enough to find a CX first class (Award) seat from SFO to BKK (flying business to BKK from HKG)

My question is flying First from SFO then Business out of HKG can I access the amazing first class lounges in HKG as I have a 3 hour layover, its booked on the same award

Appreciate your reply


On the Cathay Pacific lounge admittance page here is what they say

If you are travelling in different cabin classes within a single ticketed journey (e.g. from Singapore to Hong Kong in Business Class, and a connecting flight to Paris in Premium Economy), we will honour the highest class of travel (Business Class) for lounge entitlement* throughout your whole journey to make it a comfortable one. Please note that this only applies to flights operated by Cathay Pacific and Cathay Dragon.

So I believe you should be able to access the first class lounge in this instance as it is the highest class of travel within the same booking.

@djtech - your a star! And thanks for such a quick response looks like I will finally get to have some time in the First lounges in Hong Kong :slight_smile: