Do you earn Velocity Points when you top up your Opal at BP in Sydney?

Hi all,

I’m a little confused as to whether you can earn Velocity points topping up your Opal at BP in Sydney.

A few months ago I did it once and got points on it, so assumed it would still be the same today.

Today, the guy at the counter said “you don’t get points on Opal top up”. I said, “Really? It worked for me last time.” He shrugged and was like “ok, try it.”

So I did. But I don’t know whether it actually worked. Does anyone know if there’s supposed to be that shows on the receipt?

I’m also thinking that it might be one of those things that the staff are instructed to not allow, but the system allows it if the card is swiped.

I’m also thinking… even if it’s not supposed to be allowed, the itemised tax invoice says “Dial Time Phone Card” 5x $1.00 as opposed to an Opal top up. A bit strange. But because it’s not actually an opal top up on the receipt, it should probably work?

Thanks in advance

Doesn’t answer your question but you can use your Platinum Edge to buy Opal at Woolworths, for example, and pick up triple points.

Oh yes I’m well aware of that haha. I’m trying to take advantage of a targeted promo I received in my email (spend at BP, swipe your Velocity card, get a $50 Virgin Australia voucher).\r\n\r\nI’ve checked for minimum spends on the qualifying transaction + the $50 Virgin Australia and saw none on both, so thought I’d just try a $5 opal top-up.

I tried for an Optus recharge as part of a fuel purchase and didn’t get any points for the recharge part of the transaction

I only ever recharge my Opal card at my local BP and always receive  points. I swipe my Velocity Card then pay with my Plat Edge and always ask for the receipts which will show points earn.  I need to top up shortly so will report back if anything has changed.

So I got an email yesterday saying that I’ve earned points for my transaction at BP - and that is the only transaction I’ve made. So it definitely worked.

However, as I mentioned above in my original post, the itemised tax invoice I received says “Dial Time Phone Card” 5 @ $1.00 each instead of an Opal Top Up, so it still doesn’t actually answer the question as to whether Opal Top Ups usually earn you points.

Hi ! Just to let you know I recharged an Opal card today and the purchase on the Tax invoice read Adult Opal. I also got the EFTPOS Receipt that shows my Velocity Number and the Points earn confirming my $80 recharge will earn 160 points.