Do you earn more velocity status points and eligible sectors if you fly more flights to get from A to B?


I would like to earn as much status points and eligible sectors as possible with velocity FF.
Lets say for example i plan to travel from Perth to Hong Kong

If i can find a flight with multiple stop-over/transits do i earn more status points due to overall more miles travelled or does it just depend on the distance between the actual departure site and arrival site.

I could just fly multiple useless stops like perth to adelaide to melbourne to singapore to hong kong ??


Veloicty calculates status points earned per flight so in theory, the more flights you take, the more status credits you earn. So a Perth to Melbourne to Hong Kong flight would earn less than what you proposed above. However, you can also earn more status credits by buying a more expensive fare class like Elevate or Freedom fare instead of the cheapest Getaway fare etc.