Do you collect Krisflyer status when flying Asiana?

Can someone tell me what status you would get on Krisflyer when you fly on Asiana Airlines?


Could you please elaborate your question a bit more? Do you mean whether your Asiana flight earns you ‘status’ on Krisflyer or you have Asiana status and want to know whether Singapore Airlines would give you similar benefits ?

If it is the former, you collect Elite Miles when you credit a paid (Star Alliance or Krisflyer partner) fare to Krisflyer. Check out to find any multiplier for your class of travel. for Krisflyer Silver, you need 25000 miles in 12 months, 50000 miles for Gold.

Thanks for your reply. I’m trying to get to a gold or higher level of star alliance via Krisflyer. I am aware you accrue points when flying Asiana with a krisflyer membership, but do you attain status to get to that higher level? I hope this is clearer