Do we get additional discount if booking mixed class fares from Perth to Paris using Krisflyer?

Hi All,

Hoping to get some community clarification.

I wish to book the following
Perth -Singapore in J
Singapore- Paris in F

I called Krisflyer and whilst the 15% discount was offered no throughfare was offered. Apparently since 1 April no discount is available?

I said to the advisor… if thats the case then i could just book two seperate segments on the Krisflyer website and get 15% discount that way.

He agreed and would not give a further discount?

Anyone else encountered this?

Never heard of an airline not giving a throughfare discount.



Hi Mick,

Please refer to previous Q&A below

It should be quite relevant to your question.

Not sure why they are not allowing thorough fare since their miles table evidently show that you can go from aus to europe for a much lower price (points) than 2 separate flight redemption for each leg.

Escalate it to supervisor/manager if you still have issues.

Do update us on your progress.