Do I receive my Qantas FF points before my departure or must I wait?

Hi there,
Sorry it’s a little silly question. But appreciate the responses in advance. I have booked a trip for my family from Melbourne to LA with some domestic flights throughout the USA and Canada, with an estimated total of 100,000 points earnt. However, must I wait until after the trip to be credited these points? No points have been credited to mine or family members QFF (All accounts are linked to flights.)

Would like to use the with other points and upgrade my partner and I to business class.

Kind regards, Maxwell

Unfortunately, you only get points after the flights.

In my experience, you get the Qantas points within 24 hours of taking the flight if Qantas/Jetstar Australia operated. for other airlines it can take a week or longer., even if it has a QF number

Points can only be awarded if you actually take the flight (Even if you have a non refundable airfare), it’s your actual boarding at the gate that activates this. Airlines never give points for no shows, cancelled bookings hence points can only be awarded after the flight.

Thankyou for your responses, defiantly shed some light! I’ll be the first to admit, I’m new to this. Have a great weekend!