Do I get additional baggage allowance when flying Lufthansa metal on a Singapore Airlines ticket as a Velocity Platinum member?

Hi all,

I’m flying to Frankfurt next week. As a Velocity Platinum member I get to take an additional 20kg and, after checking with Singapore Airlines, that’s all good for the way there. On the way back I will need to check in at a Lufthansa counter and there the fun begins: Singapore Airlines have no clue, Virgin have no clue and Lufthansa just hung up after I waited about 30 minutes.

Has anyone been in this situation before?


Your velocity platinum benefits only applies on travel with Singapore on Singapore or Virgin Australia coded flights. So if you are travelling with Lufthansa, that leg will technically not be eligible for any Platinum benefits.

Thanks. So although they are coded SQ2008 and SQ2007 I get no benefits, i.e. I can take the additional 20kg there but not back?

The 20kg only applies to Singapore Airlines operated flights. So on Lufthansa no dice.

OK, understood. Stupid mistake to book the second leg as Lufthansa operated.