Do I earn Velocity status credits when flying Singapore Airlines?

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I have booked a couple of flights with Singapore airlines earlier in the year, am i still collecting virgin status credits when flying business class to frankfurt and back. Its a paid flight no redemption booking.



Hi @hardy77

If my reading of the table on the page below is correct, it looks like you’ll be earning 200 Velocity SCs each way. Remember to provide your Velocity number on the booking!

Does flying on Singapore airlines (SIN-SYD) also fulfill the “eligible sector” requirement to count towards Vielocity Gold membership? I understand that status credit will be earned but there is also 4 eligible sector requirement for Velocity gold.

Quote: Wait, so what’s an ‘Eligible Sector’?

We’re glad you asked. An ‘Eligible Sector’ (in the context of building up your Status Credits) just means a flight sector that has been flown, that wasn’t booked as a Reward Seat and where Virgin Australia is the marketing carrier (that means that the flight number starts with a VA). A flight sector is a single direct flight between two consecutive locations. For example, a one-way flight from Sydney to Melbourne is one Eligible Sector, a return flight between Sydney and Melbourne is two Eligible Sectors, and a one-way flight from Perth to Brisbane connecting via Sydney is two Eligible Sectors (because you have to fly two single direct flights. So if you live in Brisbane and fly to Perth and back for Christmas, you might already have accrued enough Eligible Sectors to move from Silver to Gold!

Source: How to achieve Velocity Status

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