Do I earn Velocity Gold bonus points on domestic codeshare flights?

Hi, I recently travelled from Launceston-Melbourne-Singapore-Phuket return booking all under Virgin Aust and Singapore Airlines. I currently hold a Velocity Gold membership. On my return, I note that I did not receive my 75% bonus points on the domestic legs ie Launceston-Melbourne return as though we booked with Virgin Aust, it was codeshare with Singapore Airlines…is this correct or should I drop Velocity a line to review? Cheers

If the Aussie legs booked with Virgin were ‘Domestic Getaway’ fares, they do not qualify for the bonus.


Earn 5 Points per $1 spent on all eligible Domestic fares. In addition to the Base Points earned2, Platinum, Gold and Silver members earn a Points bonus. The Points bonus will not apply to Domestic Getaway fares for travel from 30 January 2017.