Do I earn Qantas Points when I pay via Post billpay or BPAY using my ANZ Qantas Platinum Card?

Hi all ,

I recently got my ANZ Qantas Platinum Card trying to avoid Credit Card Service Fee of 0.70% paying my City Council Bill .

Payment method accepted are BPAY , Post BillPay , Internet Payment ( 0.70% surcharge )

Can i pay it via BPAY Direct from ANZ Website ( will this count as cash advance / do i earn Qantas Points for BPAY Payment ? ) if not what about Post billpay as i know my local post office don’t charge surcharge on Visa/MC.

Anyone with similar experience?


Hi There,\r\n\r\nI did ask myself the same question after receiving my ANZ Qantas Black card and wanting to pay a bill with BPAY. I remember seeing a popup message saying that this would be treated as cash advance. Hence I decided not to proceed with it (as I wouldn’t have heard points for this transactions) and payed by credit card instead (with a surcharge)…\r\n\r\nHope this helps.\r\n\r\nworldwideseb

Thanks for the tips also think Bpay will be treated as cash advance not sure abiut post billpay but i wouldnt wanna risk it , go with credit card and surcharge

My local Council does not accept credit card payment via either BPay or Post Billpay so using a credit card would definitely treated as a cash advance. I pay via their web site and pay the surcharge.