Do I contact the airline for travel changes if the booking website is no longer in business?

Point Hacks suggests to contact your booking company instead of airline for a refund on your flights, but what happend when your booking company is no longer in business? I booked flights to Europe at the end of June with Fly365 fluing with Etihad. I have received an E-ticket from the airline, so I am confident that my flight is confirmed with them, but want to know how to best get a refund or rebook for 2021.

Firstly, contact the airline directly for any CHANGES or REBOOKINGS but for REFUNDS will not be handled by the airline. For refunds, they will have to be processed through your travel insurance, doing a credit card chargeback or contacting the liquidators (although there is likely nothing left for you with their limited assets).

Thanks for your advice. Now if only Etihad would answer their phones!

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