Do Enrich or Qantas Frequent Flyer earn more miles?

I recently travelled on Malaysia Airlines to London and am wandering whether it will be more beneficial to claim points on the Enrich or Qantas FF program. I am aware that it does depend which I am more likely to claim. I have just recently started favouring MH flights as they are often the best value. Feedback from others who balance these two memberships would be appreciated.

The Enrich program used to offer great value for Malaysia Airlines flight redemptions - now not so much, with rates greatly increased to redeem in February this year.

Qantas also do not pay out well for Malaysia Airlines flights now, cutting their partner earn rates last year.

I suspect you will need to run the maths yourself with the typical frequency of flights and your class of booking and compare each program by looking at how many flights you’ll need to take before you can make a comparative redemption in each.