Denied Virgin Australia status upgrade after qualifying close to end date - what should we do?

Hi there,

Hoping to get some advice and make sense of this after having my wife spend 76 minutes on the phone getting nowhere with the accounts team.

Essentially, some time mid June… i noticed her account’s status credit balance was close to 500 (over it infact - 545)… and wondered why it hadn’t upgraded to Gold. I soon realised that the eligible sector requirement of 4 hadn’t been met (she only had 3). Clicking the ‘show detail’ next to the Upgrade to Gold header, one of the line items said “Activity required on or before 30 June 2018”… “Status Credit balance based on the last 12 months*” was 545… and “Status Credits required to upgrade to Gold” was -45. So i figured… she just needed to fly one more eligible sector to meet the requirements (on or before 30th june) and she’d be upgraded. On that basis, she purchased a return flight MEL-ADL for the 30th.

The accounts team are denying the upgrade opportunity and say that she was not eligible, stating that an amount of ~240 (or some amount) would have been deducted on her review date (July 3 2017), knocking out a large chunk of points that would have been accrued (on 30 June 2017)… interestingly, and logically… wouldn’t this then fall out of my 12 month window to accrue a balance of 500+… making velocity in the right? If yes, then why does the velocity admin portal miscalculate or advise that she would still be eligible 12 months + 1 day later (30 June 2018) by stating “on or before”?

She and I are both so confused. Are we missing something obvious here? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Wilzy.

Your status credits are only ‘valid for a period of 12 months from the date flown’. It would appear that a large chunk of your status credits has expired.