Could someone please review my Qantas oneworld RTW itinerary please?

Hi guys,

Currently trying to plan a RTW itinerary using classic flight reward. I’m traveling with my wife and 12yo son. Doesn’t seem like I’m going to be able to find business class flights for 3 people for the dates we need to go. I’m happy to settle for economy.

However, I’m having some issues. Website is trying to charge me 236,900 points per passenger for ECONOMY??? It should only be 132,400 per passenger?

Could you guys please go over what I have come up with to help me figure out where the error is?

Flight 1
Melbourne (MEL) - Johannesburg (JNB) via Doha (Qatar Qirways)
I have to be at a Wedding on the 1st of April in Cape Town and so just get a separate return flight to and from the wedding.

Flight 2
Johannesburg (JNB) - Athens (ATH) via Heathrow (British Airways).
I plan to visit Malta, Rome, Florence, Venice, Barcelona, Paris and some time in the UK using my own modes of transport in between.

Flight 3
London (LHR) - New York (JFK) direct (British Airways)
We may spend some time in Chicago, Orlando, Miami, Houston, Dallas, Austin using all my own domestic flights.

Flight 4
New York (JFK) - Tokyo (HND) via Los Angeles (Japan Airlines)
own flight from Tokyo - Ho Chi Minh City

Flight 5
Ho Chi Minh City (SGN) - Melbourne (MEL) via Hong Kong (Cathay Pacific).

Appreciate a second set of eyes to see where I have gone wrong.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Your itinerary is around 5,000 miles over the 35,000 mile limit. You need to cut some flights or take shorter routes.

Thanks mate,

Do you mind showing me exactly how these miles were calculated and what routes/sectors were included so I know how to calculate it correctly?

MEL-DOH-JNB 11289 mi
JNB-LHR-ATH 7131 mi
[ATH-LHR] 1510 mi
LHR-JFK 3451 mi
JFK-LAX-HND 7962 mi
[HND-SGN] 2685 mi
SGN-HKG-MEL 5515 mi

Total 39,543 miles

Even if you take out the two surface legs in [xxx], the itinerary still exceeds 35k miles.

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