Could I please get some help reviewing my RTW OneWorld Classic Rewards Itinerary?

I’m sure I’ve put all these flights in previously via the multi-city tool and capped at the 636,000 points (booking business for 2 x people) but didn’t book at the time with there still being uncertainty around travel.

Time has since passed and yesterday wanting to book, I wasn’t able to see any reward seats on the Miami to New York leg which got me thinking I’ve now left it too late and ended up adjusting the itinerary and booking.

Tonight I’ve gone back to check (after booking the trip) and now I can reward seats are all available for the date’s we’re hoping to book based on the original full itinerary below:

SYD-HND, (Japan Airlines)
NRT-CMB-MLE, (Sri Lankan Airlines)
MLE-DOH-HEL, (Qatar & Finnair)
MAD-MIA, (Iberian)
MIA-JFK, (American Airlines)
JFK-SYD (Japan Airlines)

The only thing is when I put the flights in as if I were booking now, it’s jumped up to 1,000,000+ points. Can anyone tell where I may be going wrong? I’m certain a few months back I researched this itinerary it worked multiple times.

Any suggestions also appreciated. Thanks heaps if you’re able to check it out :slight_smile:

You are going via Tokyo in both directions try and get QF JFK - SYD

Ah must be what it is. Perhaps previously when searching I was able to get a Qantas flight direct JFK - SYD however now can only see reward seats via tokyo again on Japan airlines.

I still thought it might be within the rules “no more than one stopover and two transits through a single airport” or are my two transits taken up by coming in and out of Tokyo earlier in the trip?

Thanks heaps for your response!

Yay got the dream itinerary:

SYD-HND, (Japan Airlines)
NRT-DOH (Qatar)
DOH-MLE, (Qatar)
MLE-CMB (SriLankan Airlines)
CMB-CDG, (SriLankan Airlines)
MAD-MIA, (Iberian)
MIA-JFK, (American Airlines)
JFK-HND (Japan Airlines)
HND-SYD (Japan Airlines)

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You can only dream about this too - 35596 miles (over the 35000 mile limit)

The unflown Paris-Madrid leg puts it over - has to be included

Pretty simple - you’re over the 35000 mile limit for a RTW fare - 37772 by my calculation

Note that the unflown leg HEL-MAD also is included in the calculations, but you’d still be over without it

Making the following assumptions

  • all flights direct with no extra stops, except JFK-SYD (because there is no direct service)
  • JFK-SYD is actually JFK-HND-SYD (11609 miles by itself)

Hey I managed to book it and cap at the 320,000 points so must be within the miles.

The only challenge is I think the flights to MLE are dropping off or being cancelled by the airline due to current situation in Sri Lanka. I’ve had to call Qantas twice on hold for hours to rebook those flights, the only change being the short leg drops to economy instead of business. However the flights are booked!