Could anyone please assist in finding last minute seat(s) from Australia to London?

Hi all,

Bit of an urgent query. Need to head back to the UK for my father in law’s funeral.

Would be for a fortnight approximately. Ideally travelling out on the 28th April or a day or two later.

I’ve got plenty of points in Singapore airlines who we use 90% of the time but they have absolutely nothing available heading out but plenty coming in.

I’ve got a fair few points in Amex platinum so can use pretty much any airline but Qatar want 730,000 points which is crazy as I can usually get three flights for the same value with Singapore.

I can’t check Etihad or BA as they just tell me my avios balance is too low to see reward flights. (Bizarre, why can’t they just tell me and I can credit the balance)

Happy to blow 400,000 points.

Any help much appreciated.


How many seats are you after?
Where are you based?

Just one seat for my wife. Two would be great but I know that’s a reach.

Brissie would be ideal but no major issue going from any airport in aus.

Cheers for the response.

Will see what I can find. One seat will often be easier.

Update: did a check on Asia Miles - seems this itinerary doesn’t show up. Attached some screenshots on AA’s website that shows this space is there! Might need to call to book… ugh!

Just a quick search I see that Adelaide or Perth to London has 2 seats on Malaysian going on the 30th transiting in Kuala Lumpur. Perth also has one seat on the 29th. Can be booked with Qantas points, or Asia Miles if you need to transfer.


Great, thanks so much.

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