Considering booking Air Canada - Will I get status credits/points if flying after codeshare agreement with Virgin is formalised?


I am a Velocity Platinum member and need to fly to sunny Winnipeg in Canada from Melbourne in May. I understand that Air Canada and Virgin are to formalize a codeshare agreement in early 2017 at some stage

  1. Has anyone heard any update of when this is going to happen?

  2. If I book Air Canada now, before the agreement is formalized, will I still earn status credits/points if it is formalized before my travel (but after my booking).

Other options are to fly with Air NZ or with Virgin via LA. But preference would be Premium Economy with Air Canada, Sydney-Vancouver.

Any feedback would be great!


Hi Dave,

Without knowing exactly, I would imagine that as long as you fly Air Canada after the codeshare agreement is formalised and your fare code is eligible, you should earn status points.

Happy for others with more insight to add their comments.