Confused about how to put together QFF round the world trip

I have read and read all the articles I can find on the QFF around the world trip (will be in business class) and I am struggling to work out an itinerary. I am also not sure what some of the terminology means. I have googled and googled for further information and understanding plus I have searched You Tubes as well.

We want to split the trip up into 2 trips and understand we will need to start it from overseas so Australia can be a stop over. (We live in Nth QLD)

Ideally we would like to start the trip later this year, doing Asia , Japan and possibly NZ (though NZ is not critical as we can go there another time)

We would then like to have a stop over after these regions back in Australia and then do Europe next year as the 2nd part of the trip.

We would like to include Canada and Alaska but have no intention to go to America. We definitely want to prioritize Europe though if we cannot do the whole lot.

transits under 24 hours - does this mean as an example if I fly from Australia to London and the aircraft has a stop of under 24 hrs in Doha, is that a transit?

Thankyou in advance for any advise and suggestions :slight_smile: :grinning:

It’s surprising what a quick Google search can bring up. Hope this helps explain layover, stopover and transit much better than I ever will. Layover vs Stopover: What's The Difference?.

Try planning an itinerary using thie oneworld tool.