Complimentary Qantas lounge passes - is it possible for other people to use?

Hi all,

I have a complimentary Qantas lounge pass that I wont use and wondering if i can trade it or give it away to a good home?
Its an online one and I believe I can attach it to a friends flight.
Does anyone have any experience regarding trading these?
Is it allowed?
If so what is its value in qantas/ velocity points?


Yes you can transfer online via the Qantas portal to anyone with a FF number.

As far as the value of a pass…well the paper invitations were selling online for around $50 when Qantas were issuing them in paper, so 5000 points would probably be the value…although you can’t transfer Qantas points [strictly speaking] to anyone but family.

All the best

Thanks neilio444.