Closing my Amex Business Platinum - which program to transfer my Amex MR points to?

Hi All,

I have the above card with approx 300,000 points available in the MR program.

I have decided to close this card for various reasons(one being I now have the Westpac Business Platinum cards, Amex and Visa)in the next month or so and I’m not sure which program I should transfer the points to, QFF or one of the others.

I already have 190,000 in QFF so I am inclined to go there.

I will most likely use the points for international travel over the next decade, so any help or advice would be much appreciated.

Cheers, Mark

I would transfer to Asia Miles before QF. Same range of partners, fewer points needed for most redemptions. Not sure about expiration policies though.

I think overall Krisflyer is the best program, but points expire in 3 years. You could transfer to Virgin Australia, hold them there until you need them, and transfer them to SQ instantly when you’re ready to make a booking, though you’ll lose out on the 1:1.35 ratio. Still, you generally need far fewer points in the first place, and if you wait until May, you can get a 15% bonus transferring MR -> VA.