Classic Reward upgrade not available - Is there a way around this?

Hi all

My husband and I have just booked tickets Sydney to Rome. We used QFF points for my ticket, an paid cash for the other. We chose the flights that had the best timings and were not overpriced. Our understanding was that we would be able to upgrade these seats as we have essentially paid full price for both - one with maximum points and the other cash. However, the fares are both “O” - and these are not eligible apparently - which is really disappointing! Is there a way around this? We would really like to fly business for at least part of the long haul each way and will have plenty of points to do so…Help!


Unfortunately, you’re correct that an O class ticket can’t be upgraded.

Also, even though you booked on the Qantas website, which actual airlines are you flying with (e.g. Emirates)? At least part of it can’t be with Qantas given they don’t fly to Rome. This is important because you can only use Qantas points to upgrade on Qantas flights. You can’t use your points to upgrade an Emirates or other flight, even if you booked through the Qantas website.

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Thought as much. The upside is we are getting to Rome for $900 bucks each. Sigh. One day we’ll get into the pointy end!


You did  not pay “full price” . O class is discount economy sale fares.  Which as already said it not eligible for upgrade