Cheapest way of earning 40-50 Velocity status credits?

Hi All,

I recently was included in an Explore Gold promotion giving you velocity gold for 3 months, with the ability to get gold for a whole year if you earn 80 status credits. Keeping in mind I can probably earn 20sih from Coles purchases and another 20 from short haul domestic flights I’m likely to make, does anyone have any suggestions for the cheapest way to earn 40ish status credits? Would also love suggestions for anywhere between the 40 and 70 status credits range.

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William Finn

If you’re planning on taking a flight, are you flying with anyone else that you live with? Make sure you have family pooling turned on to maximise your status credits.\r\n\r\nThat might help you get over the line without any extra activity. Not sure I’m much help on the cheapest way to get the rest of your SCs though sorry.

No unfortunately, it’ll most likely be travelling solo or with my girlfriend (Who I’m pretty sure would be ineligible for family pooling with me). Great tip though and will definitely check if my immediate family are doing any travelling soon. Also forgot to mention that I can fly our of either Sydney or Brisbane.

I’ve just seen a response in an earlier question that might get you started.\r\n

SYD to CNS via BNE on Elevate fare equals 70 SC \r\n\r\nI see in May that you do this for $398 or $5.68 per SC \r\n\r\nThat’s a pretty decent bang for your buck

Not sure if I should ask a new question as I’m in a similar position getting invitation for Explore Gold. My partner pools her account to mine. If she does the flying, does it count as satisfying the 1x eligible sector as per the requirement to attain full year of Velocity Gold?

With pooling you can select Status or Points or Both to credit, but you will only get sectors for your personal travel, not the pooled members