Car Hire Tips and Hacks


I’m going back a few years now but I had some assistance by members when the Point Hacks team was running the online forum on the Slack program/app. Now that platform is gone, I no longer have access to the extremely helpful advice I was given there.

I am looking to book a car on the Gold Coast and I was told about a website, a microsite of Etihad I believe, where I could choose specific vehicles on the fleet. Rather than booking a class of car and not getting what was in the picture on the booking sites.

Does anyone know what I am talking about?
I cannot remember the gentleman’s name or the website to visit. Can anyone assist me?


Hey Mikal, I bet you were chatting to me in Slack a few years back! :slight_smile:

I went a bit silent on the chat when I got busy with work and now I’m heading up thePoint Hacks tech team so have been busy with building out the site. But let me help you with this too!

The etihad microsite is actually the same booking engine as booking the main site. The benefit I found was that you get the etihad discount + could easily switch between classes compared to the main site which had cars in different sections. Eg. the C-Class was in the ‘Sedans’ but the E-Class was in the ‘Selection’ section. However, it doesn’t give you much better chances of getting an exact car than a regular booking.

You can find all the microsites by googling:

Can’t say I’ve done this for a long time (been living in Singapore for 2 years and haven’t been driving), but it might be a good start. Let me know if you have any more questions I might be able to help with!