Can you use Qantas points to redeem a RTW flight that includes an Emirates flight?

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I’m relatively new to QFF but am gradually getting my head around how to book a RTW flight. My question is when I book a Multi city dummy flight (for RTW) that has to include an Emirates flight (due to availability) it is usually 640k rather than 560k points for 2 people. I understand that Emirates is not part of one world and so the extra points but is having Emirates in RTW actually allowed?
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Hi Ianz,


You can’t have Emirates in your RTW booking.



Thanks for your answer duckiee.  So if all the points add up to 640k on a Multi City flight can I book under this system and so technically it’s not a RTW flight?

Thanks for your reply Warren.  I have read the article thanks but not up to speed totally yet.   I’m trying to book a Multi City flight MEL-ZRH  LHR-Montreal  JFK-MEL (obviously with surface sectors).  When I can get Cathay, BA and Qantas flights I can get it for 560k points for 2.  When I have to have one sector with Emirates the points go to 640k.  So I presume I am changing from a Oneworld RTW booking to a Partner redemption.  If this this the case, not that it’s a problem, I wouldn’t be bound by RTW conditions if Emirates is involved.

Does that make sense or am I totally confused?

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Take Emirates out of the equation - then you can get round the world, 5 stops for 140k economy, 280k business (if under 35,000 miles I think?). Don’t forget many airlines/flights available don’t show up when searching - you need to call them. (ie JAL). Good luck!