Can you use Qantas points on another airline website?

May seem like a stupid question but…
Can you book with Qantas points on another airlines website?
I have 146,000 Qantas points and trying to get from Brisbane to either Newcastle/London/Manchester.
Would be awesome if i could get anything other than economy!
Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi @goldie

That’s not a stupid question at all!

No, you cannot book with Qantas points on another airline’s website. But you can book other airlines using Qantas points on the Qantas website. Everything needs to be booked on the Qantas website, but Qantas will let you book their partner airlines via their website.

With 146,000 Qantas points, your only options are either Qantas itself, or Emirates. You don’t have enough points for any other airline that flies to Europe (you’d need 159,000 points). Qantas only flies to London and it’s notoriously difficult to snap up business class seats on their own flights. Emirates is marginally easier – and they, unlike Qantas, fly direct to both Newcastle and Manchester.

If you’re willing to fly Premium Economy, other options such as Cathay Pacific and JAL will open up to you.

And if you’re looking to book a return trip with points, your only option is Economy class.

Hope this helps!


awesome! thank you so much for your help!!!