Can you use Qantas points for USA domestic flights?

Is it possible to use qantas points to book domestic US flights? Looking at business class from lax to jfk single passenger. Thanks :slight_smile:

Yes! You are able to redeem Qantas points for Alaska and American Airlines. Both airlines offer MANY daily departures. Just be aware that business class is called ‘first class’ in the states, but they are essentially the same, so don’t be alarmed if you see it referred as such. You will still redeem flights at the normal business class rates.
On some flights, you may also see first class redemption options alongside business class on American’s A321T aircraft. They come in a 3 class configuration and there is separate ‘proper first class’, ‘business class’ and ‘economy’. Slightly confusing!! but the good thing is, business and ‘proper first class’ is almost the same service wise. You can have a look online at the differences with regards to the seat.
Also, be sure to check nearby airports. New York has not only JFK, but many flights go to near by Newark New Jersey, which while it is in a different state than New York, New York, can work out to be closer to some New York destinations than the infamous JFK.
All in all, plenty of options. I would choose American’s A321T aircraft that I’ve mentioned or one of the widebodies (i.e. BIG planes like 787 or 777) you often see flying on those routes because they have lie flat seats rather than Alaska’s or American’s regular 737s and A320s which have your recliners.


Yes did a bit of a search through qantas site and found some flights but there are very few available. Thanks for your help :slight_smile: