Can you use Qantas Domestic Adelaide Lounge for Jetstar international flight?


I am potentially looking at redeeming a complimentary lounge pass in the Qantas Adelaide lounge for a JQ flight to Bali.

Has anybody had experience using the Adelaide Qantas lounge for an international flight as I note this lounge is in the Domestic terminal and before international security.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Yup I have. Funny story, I actually went through immigration only to realise the lounge was before customs… Awkward.

Lounge is a bit dark but very spacious. Average food and drinks. Shower facilities available. Good to just sit and relax.

Thanks for your reply. That’s basically what I wanted to confirm. The only thing is I am assuming you will need to allow enough time to clear customs (which in Adelaide Airport is not really a big deal)? Can you also confirm then that there is no lounge beyond Adelaide customs? As I have heard there is a small singapore lounge hiding there which i cant seem to find any info on.

You are correct. Airside International, there is only the small Krisflyer lounge which you won’t be able to access anyways. All other lounges are before international customs.

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Does anyone know by any chance what’s the latest you can clear customs for an international flight in Adelaide? Just to maximise the time in the qantas club lounge.