Can you use American Airlines miles on Qantas flights?

We have a large number of American Airlines Miles we purchased for use on flights from Canada back to Australia for a trip we had booked for 2021.
As the COVID situation seems to have international travel not likely to be available then, I have a question.
Can we use our miles with Qantas within Australia thro the Oneworld Alliance & travel Business class within Australia?
If we can do we book with Qantas or thro American Airlines .

HI @RodC

I have good news for you on several fronts. Yes, you can use your American Airlines AAdvantage miles to fly Qantas within Australia (or any Qantas flight anywhere). Yes, you can redeem Business class awards using AAdvantage miles.

The even better news is that any Qantas flight within Australia will set you back a mere 10,000 AAdvantage miles for Economy or 20,000 AAdvantage miles for Business. Fees and charges are very reasonable as well. That’s a steal, particularly for the longer flights such as flights between Perth and the east coast.

You’ll need to book through American Airlines. On their website, click on “Redeem miles” as you search for the flight you want.

Thank you for the prompt response & the information as that has given us the opportunity to now travel in Australia.

A further update . The booking of flights online was not a simple exercise on the American Airlines site. Every time I put Australia as my location it reverted back to USA & would not accept our Australian Address or accept payment.
After 2 Phone calls & saving all details on AA site as a temporary booking with payment due in 5 days & on 3rd phone call, I was finally able to pay & book…Whopee