Can you upgrade on Etihad flight with Velocity points?

Good Evening,
Am looking to travel SYD-AUH then AUH-LHR in 2018 and was wondering if I am able to utilise
my Velocity points for upgrades on Etihad to business.
Or do I need to book on Virgin (although it’s operated by Etihad) and utilise the points that way if possible?

Thanks in advance.

Hi tonylowe1,

As a Velocity member and regular Etihad flyer, I’ve never heard of upgrading EY issued tickets with VA points. A quick search with Google tends to agree.

However, it did suggest using Singapore for your flight and then you have the option of transfering your VA points to SQ and using those.

Yiu’ll have to do the maths yourself so I don’t know if it’s a good use of points.

Alternatively, look at one way flights.  Prices aren’t too bad, especially U.K. to Aus.


Good luck