Can you upgrade a domestic Qantas flight that is part of a business class RTW itinerary?

Hi Community

I am about to book a RTW trip with Qantas and have a quick question. If I book it all in business except the last leg in economy, which would be a domestic flight, is it possible to request to get that flight upgraded to business? On this particular flight there are no business reward seats left. The RTW trip has already capped me out at 318k points so will the upgrade points also be disregarded? I’m a bronze member as well.

Thanks for your help in advance

Unlikely no. If there is business reward seats, you can always make a change to the ticket.

I am unsure if Classic flight upgrades could work for a RTW booking if travelling on Qantas for the eligible sector though.

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If a reward seat comes available, you should be able to call Qantas to make a change to your booking and change the seat from economy to business.
This should still fit in the 318K points cap, but you would need to pay a change fee which I think is around 6K points currently.
I’m not aware if you can register for an upgrade in the usual way though for a domestic leg or how this would be charged if successful.