Can you upgrade a Cathay flight on a Qantas point redemption (Qantas-Cathay itinerary)?

Hi all,

I have booked a QFF itinerary SYD-LHR in PE. The second leg is with Cathay. Is there anyway I can upgrade to Business on this leg? I am very happy to pay cash but was told this afternoon I can’t upgrade for cash bc the flight was made on points, and Cathay won’t speak to me about it bc it’s a Q booking, even though a CP flight. I find it surprising that ( assuming availability), both airlines knock back cold hard cash.

Any advice and lessons much appreciated!!!

I believe the only option for upgrading that CX flight is if you find business class award availability on that specific route and then change your booking so that the CX flight will be in business class instead. This is of course subjected to a change fee.

Thank you. There is very little availability (my fault, this is last minute thing) so I will just content myself with PE. I was hoping to access the lounge in HK, which had the best wonton soup I’ve ever tasted. Expensive soup;)

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Time to venture outside of HKG airport if you reckon the wonton soup at the HKG lounge is the best you have tasted. Please don’t take offence with my comment :slight_smile: HKG food is awesome.

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No as you were advised you can’t upgrade points bookings with cash.