Can you transfer through the same city more than once in a valid Qantas oneWorld RTW redemption?

Hi there,

I’ve just had a qantas rep tell me that when adding segments to our booking to hit the RTW 280,000 cap each on business we cannot transfer through the same city more than once.

Can anyone please confirm this.


Hi McDubsons,

If you haven’t read this Point Hacks article yet, I would suggest you having a quick read. There are some good tips in it. I see some points on transit cities in the article.

How to fly around the world in Business Class for 280,000 Qantas Points with the oneworld Classic Flight Reward

Good luck.

Thanks, I have read it many times and again earlier today. Will scan thru the article for the word transit to see what I missed.

I was under the impression you could transit in one city twice, however, qantas today claimed you can’t…hence my post asking those that may have done it in the past.

I’ve also spent many hrs researching since posting and found a few other articles claiming you can. Nothing from qantas or one world though.

Again, I’d love to hear from anyone who has transited thru the same city twice, ie Hong to Europe and Hong Kong return to Australia.

I’ve just finished booking my One World RTW fare for June 2019 and I’m transiting both Doha and Amman twice.  I spoke to 4 different customer service operators in total over the course of booking the flights (3 in Capetown and 1 in Sydney - most recently 2 days ago) and I didn’t have any issues at all.  I suspect you’ll need to call again and find someone who knows the rules as well as you do!


thank you and congratulations. We have also locked in our return flights and also transitioning through same city twice.

We guided the operator through the rules each time she came up with a silly statement like “that’s an another 210,000 points” while adding flights.

Big relief to get it all booked.