Can you transfer Qantas points to Qmiles?

Can I convert Qantas FF points into Qmiles?

I have booked an Economy Qatar seat from ADL - DOH and I want to upgrade to Business Class if I can. I have read all the Point Hacks articles on Privilege Club, Qatar Calculator etc and I can see how to upgrade from Economy to BC thru the Privilege Club page. But as I don’t have any Qmiles, I cannot see how to convert my QFF points to Qmiles.

Can I?

Short answer is no. Most airline miles/points are not interchangeable.

Thanks for your prompt response. Not even with Partner Airlines? For example other oneworld partners? I thought this was allowed…?

No. Typically the only points you can really transfer so to speak is credit card points to different frequent flyer programs. An exception to this rule previously waswhere you could transfer points between Singapore Airlines and Virgin Australia’s programs but that was something truly unique that was due to their partnership. Otherwise, its usually “stuck” with one program.

What you might have heard is that you could use OneWorld member airline’s points to upgrade ANY oneWorld flight but that is still being implemented and isn’t working fully yet to my knowledge.