Can you transfer Qantas points to Krisflyer miles?

I wrote to Qantas recently to complain about their new Rewards Classic plus seats, their response was as expected, dismissive. My email is below…
Qantas should take a leaf out of Singapore Kris program where they have a saver rewards seat or Advantage Rewards seat, which has a 15% points premium not 400% like Qantas.

Is there anyway to convert Qantas points to Kris?

I would appreciate other people thoughts.

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Question: Your new Rewards plus is a scam and a con job by Qantas. You have no intention of trying to help customers get rewards seats. You keep promoting non stop about getting rewards credit cards and earning points, but you don’t offer anywhere near enough rewards seats. Now you have come out with this new program called rewards plus where you have plenty of seats, the only problem is you need 4 times more points to get a seat. For example for the next 10 months Melbourne to London Business class seats, you have available as rewards plus seats every day, BUT NOT ONE SEAT in 10 months is available as a rewards seat. Normally Melb to London is around 120,000 points for a Business rewards seat, you now want 500,000 for rewards plus. I would need 2 million points for 2 return Business rewards plus seats instead of 500,000 normal rewards seats. The new CEO is sprucing about how you are listening to customers, it is the complete opposite. Qantas should be embarrassed how you treat your customers with your rewards program. See my attachment of your available rewards seats, Melbourne to London, not ONE rewards seat is available, only rewards plus, where you want to gouge your customers by 4 times more rewards points for the same seat. Shame on you Qantas. Regards Danny
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Hi @loypur

No, there is no way to convert Qantas FF points to KrisFlyer.

Using Qantas points for long-haul flights in premium cabins into and out of Australia can be done, but it is very difficult and requires a great deal of patience and flexibility.

I use Velocity and AmEx points, which I convert to points in whatever FF programme has availability, for my long-haul flying into and out of Australia. I use my Qantas points for everything else (ie. domestic and short-haul international flights, and international flights whose origin and destination is not in Australia).

Qantas points are useful for the above mentioned short-haul and international flights, but for flights into and out of Australia there is most definitely way less supply than demand! Occasionally I have gotten lucky (most recently I snaffled Emirates First Class from Singapore to Melbourne using Qantas points), but if you accumulate Qantas points on the expectation that you’ll be able to use them on a direct Qantas flight to/from London, you’ll most likely be disappointed.