Can you transfer Enrich points to Qantas points?

Hi I have 14000 Malaysian Airlines Points and 500 are due to expire. I wanted to transfer the to my Qantas Frequent Flyer account but MAS refused to transfer them; initially they said they would and then they said it had been a “mis-type”. I originally booked using my MAS FF number but changed to my QF FF before I flew. Is there anywhere I can trade points?

You cannot transfer between different frequent flyer programs. There is a rare exception : the Velocity-Krisflyer relationship.

500pts is probably not a significant amount to write off.

Thank you. The annoying thing is at the time of travel it was my QF FF number that appeared on my booking so I thought that’s where the points were going! 500 pts not many now but I know I won’t be able to use any of the 14000 with MAS that’s why I’d like to move/trade them. I do believe Oneworld airlines do have a transfer system QF were willing to accept the points MAS wouldn’t release them!!!

If there is a way to transfer between oneworld airlines, I’m sure that would make many point hackers very happy. I personally have never heard of such a way. Perfectly happy to be proven wrong if you have a link to a website of some sort.