Can you through check baggages when going from a British Airways flight onto a Qatar Airways flight (separate itineraries)?

Will I be able to have bags checked all the way when connecting in Doha from a BA flight to a Qatar Airways flight, despite being separate award bookings? Although the second leg is booked using Velocity points, at least Qatar Airways is a One World alliance partner, so I’m hoping not too much of an issue when checking in at Heathrow.

I guess the only issue is that I may be exposed if the BA flight is late or cancelled causing me to miss the connection. I suppose they will argue they are not responsible if I did not book the addtitional leg through them. Hopefully travel insurance will cover any eventualities.

Thoughts? Is this a safe scenario?


I’m only responding as there wasn’t any. Hopefully, what I say is of some value to you.

This link is from 2017 so not sure whether still valid.

Some oneworld airlines are known for being pretty bad with checking through baggages on separate itineraries (even on same airlines). So ultimately, it will depend on the BA check in person. I’d assume you won’t get to check through the luggage and prepare to be pleasantly surprised if it does happen.