Can you switch on and off family pooling multiple times on Velocity program?

I’ve set up family pooling in my Velocity account so that my partner gets my status credits and it’s easier to maintain gold status. This is working well, though we’d like to make an award booking, and I don’t have enough points.
Can I turn off family pooling, transfer in from Fly Buys and ANZ (I will get around 80k points) and then turn family pooling back on? I don’t have any flights in the next few weeks, and looking at the terms and conditions in think it’s OK as when I turn it back on, I’m not pooling to a new account?
Have I overlooked anything?

Hi fnqhacker,

Yes it is within the terms and conditions to do so at any time.

From the T & Cs…

14.7 Once a Contributing Account has nominated a new Beneficiary Account, there are no restrictions on the number of times that Contributing Account may be added to, or removed from the Beneficiary Account.


14.19 Members can create, modify or cancel a Family Pool at any time on the My Account section of the Velocity Website, so long as the modified Family Pool remains compliant with this clause. The Beneficiary Account and Contributing Accounts will be notified by email to the email address associated with the Membership Account when any update is made to a Family Pool to which the Beneficiary Account or Contributing Account belongs.

That will work fine. I have done this many times. Just remember to turn pooling back on at least 24 hours before your next flight so you get the sweep happening correctly