Can you split tickets between economy and business?

This is a real beginner question; I don’t have enough points to do my next trip to Europe all the way in business. I’m looking at going Sydney-Dubai-Vienna and back on Qantas. Will it be possible to do the (never-ending) Sydney-Dubai and Dubai-Sydney in business, and the shorter leg, in and out of Vienna in economy?
Many thanks for any advice

Hi felicity,


You can compare the point costs of:

  • SYD-DXB-SYD (1 redemption in business) plus DXB-Vienna-DXB (second redemption in economy) - 2 redemptions in total
  • SYD-DXB (business), DXB-Vienna-DXB (economy), DXB-SYD (business) in 1 single redemption
The second 1 redemption (mixed class) will generally be priced as business class redemption all the way.

Another things to bear in mind is, if SYD-DXB and DXB-Vienna is booked under 2 PNR, and if the flights are connecting flights and you miss the DXB-Vienna flight because of a delay on the SYD-DXB flight, Qantas/Emirates would not book you on another DXB-Vienna flight for free. If it is on the same PNR, they would rebook you on the next available DXB-Vienna flight for free because they would be responsible for the delay and you missing the DXB-Vienna flight.



Thank you very much for that - it’s very technical isn’t it!

I will have to put some more time into understanding the system. Earning the points is relatively easy compared with knowing how to get access to the flights and all the options and pitfalls.

Thanks again.