Can you show multiple boarding passes for all passengers on the same itinerary on the Qantas Android app?

Qantas have removed ability to print boarding passes at domestic airport. I have booked flights for myself and two elderly family members (who havent flown in over a decade and do not have smart phones) from my QFF account. Can i check all 3 passengers from my phone? And if so does QFF android app allow me to present all 3 boarding passes from one phone/qff app?

We dont have access to a printer, so this inability to get a boarding pass self serve at airport is causing much stress, to point where one of our party may not fly.

I thought parents here who travel with small kids who also dont have smart phones may know?

Been a while since I’ve had to do this, but I seem to recall that you could download PDF versions of your boarding pass after you check in? I remember doing something similar travelling with the less technology literate.
Otherwise, I think you can also just screen shot the digital boarding passes that loads up when you check them all in and then just swipe through all of the pictures at the boarding gate.

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From memory, I could swipe left and right on the QR code/barcode page in the Qantas Android app to scan other passengers on the same booking at the boarding gate. I recall doing this for my partner.