Can you sell Velocity points?

Hey there. I just realised I have a lot of frequent flyer points. I’m wondering if there’s any way to sell these? As I rarely fly.

There are unofficial ways to sell your points on Classified fields. However, this is AGAINST THE T&C of Velocity and you will get your account suspended if they find out.

What I would recommend you do is transfer them to your family - any family member will do and ideally give to the ones who fly often. Even if you don’t fly often, your points don’t expire for 2 years. As long as you earn points within 2 years, its completely fine. As last resort, you can always redeem for gift cards or similar through their e-store.

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Thank you.

I was thinking of getting an Apple Watch, as I was going to buy one anyway, and it’s 15% off for my birthday month.

Wondering if this is a waste?

If at all possible, only use your points for flight redemptions. BUT if you have absolutely no other choice left, its still better than letting them expire.


Is it still worth it if l’m just on the standard Red status?

As heard the best way to use the points was for upgrades?

Or is buying flights outright still a good option?

Status plays no factor in this. You would get the same value on your points as you would a Gold member. Velocity releases the same amount of flight award seats for Red as they do for Gold. Also, eshop products doesn’t get cheaper if you’re gold.

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