Can you redeem obscure oneworld alliance member airline flights with Qantas points?

Does anyone know why when booking a points redemption flight on Qantas I can go from-
Tokyo- Rovaniemi (via Helsinki)
but if I can’t travel out of Rovaniemi.
The city doesn’t exist.
I am guessing this would be the same going from other weird domestic airports in other countries. Obviously it’s not a Qantas flight.
Would Qantas be able to book the flight on the phone (a RVM-NRT) , or is it just not available?

Hi @arison

Thanks for teaching me something!

Yes, if the flights are available (and from a quick search on the British Airways website there are reward flights available on some days on Finnair) you should be able to book the flight with Qantas points over the phone.

The airport code is RVN (not RVM).

Do the legwork first by checking availability on the flights you want, and then calling Qantas with those exact flights and dates.

All the best!

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Thanks @sixtyeight for your quick reply. That’s awesome, i’ll do that.