Can you redeem Melbourne to Kuala Lumpur direct flight on Malaysia Airlines with Qantas points?

Hi, is it possible to redeem Qantas classic rewards on Malaysia airlines flights direct from MEL to KUL? From my experience, Qantas online only displays flights to KL with one stopover in Sydney, Brisbane or Singapore. The only time they offer direct is if I’m booking onward flights to Europe.

Of course it’s possible, however keep in mind that seats aren’t available on all flights or dates so it’s entirely possible that you haven’t seen them not because you can’t do it, but because there is no availability.

Airlines control their award inventory and release seats to partners like Qantas to fill out their aircraft, so if the flight is already full on one route seats won’t pop up, but if another route is more empty you may be offered a one-stop as they’re trying to full the aircraft.

There is no inherent reason why the MEL - KUL route would be excluded, so if you haven’t been able to find a direct flight it’s because award seats are not available on the route on dates you’ve been searching.

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