Can you plan a Qantas oneworld RTW itinerary just for intra Europe flights?

Can the locations being visited all be within Europe or do I have to travel to other continents.
Tried on Qantas and indicates need trans atlantic leg

G’day @vanders1

Just quickly, are you attempting to book a RTW fare with points or with cash? If you use the ‘Round the World’ option on Qantas, then that takes you to the cash-based ticket, which has different restrictions to the Oneworld Classic Reward you book with points. To book this Oneworld Classic Reward, you need to use the ‘multi-city’ tool on Qantas’ wesbite, then check the box marked ‘Classic Rewards only’. This type of award has no trans-atlantic requirements - the requirements are outlined here: Fly around the world in Business with Qantas and oneworld - Point Hacks

Hope this helps!


Brilliant - you got it in one.
I clicked the wrong search process.
Never tried before so made the mistake.
Will have another look
Appreciate the response

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