Can you pay with KrisFlyer miles plus cash on any Singapore Airlines flight?

Hi. I would like to know if I can use KrisFlyer miles and cash to pay for any flight on the Singapore Air website?
I currently have Velocity Points that i’m considering transferring over to KrisFlyer Miles as Velocity points can only be redeemed for Reward seats and the minimum points required is substantial, even with points and pay.
I was thinking of waiting for a sale from Singapore Air and then selecting to pay once, I reach the payment screen, with both points and cash.
I currently have over 200,000 velocity points which I understand would convert to around 140,000 KrisFlyer Miles so if I was to use these points once I reach the checkout it should reduce the amount I have to pay for the remaining airfares.
Can anyone confirm is this is correct? Are KrisFlyer Miles as good as cash and can they be used on any flight?
Thank you.

140k is quite a bit! Where are you thinking of going? Points+pay mean your points are only with 1c each which isn’t the best.

Perhaps look at award flights or at least award 1 way then pay 100% cash for the return

Hi, thank you for responding.

Going one way ends up costing the same if not more than buying return airfares so I probably wouldn’t consider that.

I need to buy 3 airfares from Melbourne to Paris.

I need 106,000 Miles for each return airfare. I currently have 140,000 Miles, so I would be able to get one airfare using Miles however the others two remain full price.

As we’ll be traveling as a family I really want to keep the booking all in one, in case something was to happen with seating or the flight itself.

If I waited for a sale on the full price airfares would it be likely reward seats would still be available?

Otherwise it seems cheaper to just wait for a sale and pay $1000 or less per ticket outright and not use the points at all because it would end up costing the same.

I’m trying to figure out how to use the Miles I have to actually work for us in reducing the price of our airfares and thought the Miles and cash option might be a way to go if there’s no award seats available coinciding with a flight special. So 140,000 Miles = AU$1,400?