Can you make flight changes after a successful Bid Upgrade on a Qantas domestic Flexi flight?

I fly from Melbourne to Sydney quite regularly for work and usually on Flexi flights. If I put in a bid to upgrade and then change my flights, assuming my bid was successful, does the upgrade follow me to my new flight (given that’s the whole point of flying Flexi!) if there are seats available? And if not available, can I request for a refund on the bid?

The FAQ is ambiguous and says that you MAY forfeit your bid if you make changes to or cancel your booking but wonder if that is more applicable to saver flights.

Just wanting to hear experiences here.

Hi Darkfield,

As no one else has responded with something more helpful, here is my 2c, which is very general.

I would read through the fare conditions on the award bookings. If it is too much, try calling or online chat with Qantas to ask them. I have had varying success with online chat.

Try their call back service or ring after hrs to avoid long wait times.